We are lucky to have a dedicated in – house state of the art laboratory which includes microscopy, blood analysers and urinalysis. We believe that proper diagnostics allow us to give the best advice and lead us to the best treatment and management options for you and your pet.


We are proud to have a top of the range microscopy unit, which is backed up by the best skilled team in Dublin. This is important when helping with the diagnosis of skin and ear conditions, urinary problems and lumps and bumps.

Blood Analysers

Our blood analysers use the latest in software to help us in the early detection of disease. This is split in to a number of parts:

  • Biochemistry: This analyses enzymes in the blood, which are indicators of organ performance or malfunction
  • Haematology: This looks at the blood cells and can help tell if an animal is dehydrated, anaemic or suffering from inflammation, infection, or certain immune mediated conditions
  • Electrolytes: These substances are involved in a number of bodily functions, and imbalance can point towards certain metabolic or hormonal conditions
  • Specific testing: Our specific tests can help detect diseases such as parvovirus, pancreatitis, FeLV and FIV.


Analysis of urine is important when assessing certain conditions such as kidney function, diabetes, urinary tract infections, certain bladder tumours and some hormonal conditions.

microscope examination

We have an association with a specialist external laboratory who help process some more complicated cases. They have a dedicated team of full time pathologist who work around the clock to process samples as quickly and accurately as possible.