Dental Care

Periodontal disease (gum disease) is very common in our pets: 70% of our patients will start to show signs by 3 years of age. The signs of dental disease can be subtle to begin – simply reddening of the area where the gum meets the teeth can be the first sign, which can lead to smelly breath, tartar build up and, in more extreme cases, tooth root abscess and infection.

Our team is dedicated to delaying the onset of disease and slowing down the progression as much as possible. We will be more than happy to discuss and select what preventative options are right for you and your pet – whether it be toothbrushing, gel application to the gum, certain cleaning treats, or food selection.

Even with the most careful of preventative protocols in place some animals will require intervention of some description. Our dental suite is equipped for both routine scale and polish procedures – which halt the advancing disease, and more advanced surgical extraction techniques. We use local nerve blocks to reduce the pain during the procedure and immediately afterwards.

We will discuss your pet’s dental health at our routine consultations and yearly vaccinations. Alternatively, you can call us for advice or book in with our Nursing Team for one of their scheduled free dental checks.

dog chewing a dental stick which keeps gums healthy

If you believe your pet will be anxious about their stay in hospital please see our making visits easier for your pet section.