Pet Passport Application Form and Declaration

Before completing this form, please ensure you are aware of the following requirements:

  • Your pet must be presented for chip scanning and examination
  • Passports may not be issued on the same day as consultation
  • A microchip must be implanted prior to receiving rabies vaccination or passport
  • An EU passport is current for travel within the EU. If travelling outside the EU please familiarise yourself with requirements for entry to your destination, or contact one of the team ( for advice.
  • Rabies vaccination must be administered at least 21 days before travel. Vaccination date is Day 0.
By entering your name in the box above you are confirming that the details here are accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you abide by the declaration above.

Pet passport

Your EU Checklist:

  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Microchip
  • Health Check
  • Tapeworm Treatment

You should also be aware that:

  • Travel with most carriers – either by air or by boat – requires a health check within 48 hours of travel.
  • Travel back to Ireland from another EU country requires tapeworm treatment administered by a vet within 48 hours of return.