Bladder Problems in Cats

If your cat is experiencing problems urinating (dysuria), it is likely because of one of the following bladder problems in cats :

  • Idiopathic cystitis
  • Bladder stones
  • Urinary tract infection

The most common urinary issue in cats is sterile inflammation of the bladder, known as Idiopathic Cystitis. This is an inflammatory condition which in most cases can be treated very successfully with anti-inflammatory medicine. Unfortunately, the cause is not fully understood but stressful situations are a trigger in a large number of cases of bladder problems in cats.

Bladder stones, or Uroliths, are also relatively common. Again, the symptoms involve difficulty passing urine and spending a long time in the litter tray. The urine can even be stained red due to bleeding.

Urinary tract infections, whilst relatively uncommon, often occur in combination with stones/crystals.

Bladder problems in cats - cat with litter tray

What needs to be done?

A simple urine test can determine which of these is occurring. We can then prescribe the most appropriate treatment to eliminate the problem.