About Us

Dublin Bay Vets was established in 2019 by Donal Cape and Colm de Barra, old friends from college.

Donal and Colm share the same philosophies on pet medicine and animal welfare. They are always willing to listen to the concerns of owners.

We believe that pet health care requires collaboration between the vet and the pet owner. We will provide a practical approach whilst adhering to the highest standards of veterinary medicine.

You can always count on a welcome for you and your pet at Dublin Bay Vets. We treat them as VIPs because that’s just what they are: important. They know it, and so do we.

Meet Our Practice Dogs


Eamon: Assistant Practice Dog

Eamon joined the team in February 2020. Despite never formally applying for the role, and having absolutely no experience, he somehow managed to walk in off the street and got the job immediately. Unlike the rest of our staff, he is highly unreliable and is unable to concentrate on a task for longer than a few minutes. However, despite some shortcomings, he is always available with a friendly greeting for our customers and their pets.
Hobbies include finding (and bringing home) used tissues.


Jack: Senior Practice Dog

We had to create this position for Jack or else Sarah wouldn’t take the job. Nepotism at its worst. A private individual, he minds his own business and gets on with the job. Despite tough working conditions and terrible pay, he resolutely stands guard inside the canteen door.

Meet Our Vets

Philip Hunter

Philip Hunter MVB

Philip came to us from Sligo with delusions of grandeur. He talks a lot about how fit he is, how many hills he’s climbed, all the sports he is good at etc. Having seen him in action, we wonder if his favourite sport is sarcasm. He grew up riding ponies and actually considered being a horse vet for a while. In the end he decided to focus on his main interest area – domestic pets. Since he joined the team early in 2023, Philip has become very popular with staff and clients alike. He has a big interest in dentistry, ultrasonography, and surgery.

Lucia Martínez Graullera

Lucia Martínez Graullera MVB

Lucia hails from Valencia. Not to be confused with the Kerry island of a similar spelling, this South – Eastern Spanish city compares favourably on sorbet making, sun and speakers of the English language.

Seeking rain, she landed in Dublin in 2015, and has worked in a number of clinics since then. Lucia has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. She has completed a Postgraduate cert in Small Animal Medicine, and is currently studying for a Certificate in Diagnostic Imaging. She is also constantly striving to improve her cooking and salsa dancing skills, but thankfully not concurrently.

Billy Shortle

Billy Shortle MVB

Despite his less than tanned appearance, Billy has been touring the Sunny South East of Ireland from a young age. Starting off in Waterford, he took a few detours to the west and landed back in his favourite, Wexford, before seeking a retreat from the UV rays here in Clongriffin.
The proud owner of goldfish as a child, Billy was inspired by their ways and has become an avid sea swimmer – though he has the added capability of doing a bit of hiking too.
Having grown up surrounded by animals on a dairy farm, veterinary seemed like an obvious choice. Billy has enjoyed working with both farm and companion animals since graduating and has combined these skills to become our resident Big Dog Lifter.

Sinéad Doyle

Sinéad Doyle MVB

Sinéad grew up in Waterford city with lots of cats, guinea pigs, a rabbit, and a dog. She graduated from UCD in 2018 and spent three years in Leeds, Yorkshire working with small animals before coming home to Ireland and joining the Dublin Bay Vets team.
She has two cats, both were found as kittens at the side of the road, although in different countries and several years apart. One is very fond of her, and the other is entirely indifferent to her existence.
In her spare time Sinéad enjoys travelling, walking and hiking, reading, and baking.

Etain Clancy MVB

Etain grew up in rural Co. Limerick but was drawn to the bright lights of Clongriffin in June 2022. She was always finding a way to be around animals and before being trusted with the sole ownership of a dog at the age of 10, her favourite job was helping her grandfather feed the calves on her uncle’s dairy farm. After graduating from UCD, she briefly tried to rekindle her love of bovines in a mixed practice but quickly realised her heart now lay with the smaller, fluffier creatures. Her own dog Toby inspired Etain to obtain a self-declared specialism in Shih Tzus, and she is delighted with how many of them Dublin 13 has to offer.
In her spare time Etain is an avid Liverpool fan and can often be caught letting us all know that we’ll Never Walk Alone. She still helps out with the calves, when she can.

Colm de Barra

Colm de Barra MVB

Colm, originally from a rural area of Cork, has always had a love of animals, be they domestic pets, farm animals, horses, or wildlife. Surrounded by farmland growing up, he is happiest outdoors, and his favourite past time as a child was walking through the fields with his Red Setter, Rebel.

Having spent 3 years in farm animal practice after leaving university in 2008, Colm renewed his primary interest and passion – the medical care of sick dogs, cats, and other domestic pets.
In his spare time, he still enjoys walks in the countryside with his dog Eamon, and plays hurling for St Sylvesters GAA club.

Donal Cape

Donal Cape MVB

Donal’s young life was spent begging his parents to get a dog. They finally gave in when he was 12 and Sally – a one year old re-homed Springer Spaniel – became his companion for the next 10 years.

After secondary school and a veterinary medicine degree in UCD, he qualified in 2009 to take up a large animal position in the mountains and green fields of Co Tyrone – working in a mixed practice in Cookstown. From there, he travelled to Australia and spent five years travelling and working as a large and small animal vet around the country. He returned to Ireland in 2016, when he took a job in Lucan attending to the local cats, dogs and other pets.

Outside work he enjoys playing football (unsuccessfully) the guitar and singing. He has yet to convince anyone to sit through an entire song. At home, Tipsy is the star attraction and he does his best to tire her out on walks. She never does.

Meet Our Nurses

Sarah Toner RVN

Sarah was born and raised beside Worcestershire. Like the sauce, she adds a lot to anything she’s involved in, but can be sharp when she needs to be: just ask her dog after he’s misbehaved.
After qualifying as a Veterinary Nurse from Harper Adams University in the UK – the best there is, she’ll let you know – she worked for a while at home before seeing the light and moving to Ireland with her husband in 2018, where they live on a farm accompanied by their Jack Russell (called Jack), four cats and three laying hens.
Not only does she bring a warmth and friendliness to the place, but also supplies all staff with a large supply of fresh eggs.

Naomi Broderick RVN

Naomi joined our team in Summer of 2020 after working in Drogheda, Johnstown and Walkinstown.
Her desire to become a veterinary nurse came about after having to care for and treat her old dog Murphy, who passed away in 2018 after a battle with heart disease.
Outside of work she enjoys hiking, reading, travelling and, being from Laytown in Co Meath, building sandcastles. The youngest of three sisters, she has declared herself the family sand castling champion – an accolade strongly contested by her siblings.

Alice Creedon RVN

Unlike the rest of the team, who had to trawl through the archives to find their profile pictures, Alice’s looks suspiciously recent. However, despite her baby faced appearance, Alice is a fully qualified nurse – having completed her degree at Dundalk IT.
During her training she saw practice in Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan, Dundalk, Co Louth and even managed a stint wrestling horses in Co Kildare. The horses won that particular battle.
Apart from three dogs, a cat, a flock of hens, a few ducks, and a school of fish Alice has two sisters and a brother. Alice likes three TV shows. The Big Bang Theory, How I met Your Mother, and she can’t remember the name of the other one. She does not like The Simpsons.

Grace Cosgrove, Student Veterinary Nurse

Grace is the one who ensures hospitalised pets are warm and comfortable, and keeps their beds clean and cosy.
Her dedication to her job is incredible, and clearly results from her long held passion for animal care.
Grace grew up in Malahide, and from a young age seemed to attract stray pets to her house. She credits her first dog, Max, with inspiring her to work with animals in the future. We honestly don’t know how we managed before Grace joined the team.

Ciara Traynor, Animal Care Assistant

Ciara likes to let people know that she grew up in South Dublin, in a large house full of all sorts of animals. Despite her vast living quarters and gardens, her home was overrun with rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, birds and fish. It is therefore surprising that Ciara doesn’t possess a single photo of herself with a real animal. Here she is with a stuffed white tiger. While not looking after hospital patients, she is usually found on the sofa with her labrador Opie, eating crisps and watching nature shows.

Jess Ryan, Receptionist/Admin Angel

Jess spent her childhood in the wilderness of North County Dublin. She grew up with a bit of an eclectic bunch of animals; a cat called Megan whom she rescued from a ditch, a boxer named Tiger who was overly fond of sheep, and a three-legged lab called Pepsi! She now treks all the way into work from Raheny every day where she plays host to her little dog Lady whom she maintains IS the best pup. Many patients in Dublin Bay Vets would agree to disagree.
Before starting at Dublin Bay Vets in January 2022, Jess worked in human healthcare. She still maintains that dogs are the best humans and we agree.